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by Chris and Emma on Vercors Massif Winter Walking

Mostly a good experience although there wasn’t actually any snow in Vercors when we arrived! A decent snowfall on day 3 made this better. ... Read full review

Thank you very much for the feedback which is much appreciated and useful for the improvement of our services. 
What is specific for this type of winter tours is that the snow conditions can vary depending on the amount of the last snowfall. In cases when there is not much snow or the snow is rather hard, it is actually better to walk without the snowshoes, attaching them to your backpack. This is why we have listed a "40L backpack with a belly-band to carry your personal belongings" in the "what to bring" section of the tour description on our website. 
As for the remark about the routes, most of the time the cross country skiing paths and the snowshoeing paths are next to each other and in some places, there are signs that you can’t go on the cross country track with your snowshoes in order to protect it. We will thoroughly review the route book and the GPS tracks about this to see if they are misleading in some way, but the fact is that there are no parts of the route where snowshoes are not allowed.  
Nonetheless, we are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced, but we hope that nevertheless you managed to enjoy the rest of your holiday after the assistance of our local team and the improvement of the weather during the second part of your trip.

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You certainly delivered, considering we booked and made payments on faith, via the internet. Thank you for being trustworthy.

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