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New self guided walking holidays for 2016!

 I wish you a happy new year and would like to let you know that we are launching a new range of self-guided walking holidays for 2016!

New destinations

Our self-guided walking holidays now include one of Europe’s last untouched hiking areas, the Albanian Alps (Accursed Mountains), Valbone and Theth National Parks, Mount Olympus in Greece, the Apuseni Mountains in Romania and High Tatras mountains in Slovakia.

Mount Olympus, Greece

Mount Olympus, ‘Mountain of the Gods,’ is one of our great new itineraries for 2016.
During this trip you can opt to hike to the peak of Greece’s highest mountain. We can’t guarantee you’ll meet Zeus, but we can guarantee some stunning views and scenery!

The Albanian Alps

The holiday includes visits to Shkoder with its incredible Rofaza fortress and a journey into the heart of the Albanian Alps on the Koman ferry “one of the world’s great river journeys”.

The High Tatras in Slovakia

An opportunity to hike in the pristine nature of Slovakia’s breathtaking UNESCO Biosphere reserve with over 35 valleys and over 90 serene glacial lakes. Accommodation in 4 star hotels, with unique mountain architecture and spa facilities along route

Apuseni Mountains, Romania

This is is one of Romania’s most beautiful national parks and contains the largest number of caves in the country. The holiday includes a visit to Turda salt mine rated one of the most beautiful underground locations in the world.

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