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I’m looking across the rippling waters of Loch Ness…

I’m looking across the rippling waters of Loch Ness and the snow covered hills above them and am wondering…is this more beautiful than the Mountain Peaks of Kosovo and Montenegro which I recently wrote about in the Mail on Sunday.

I’m currently on tour with the musical Hairspray and this week we are performing in Inverness. I always try to spend the days as if I’m on holiday and reach the most dramatic parts of the countryside before I return to my nightly job of acting.  The two experiences actually enhance one another as there is nothing like fresh mountain air to improve a singing voice and oxygen in the blood for the dance moves.  Of course I do, at times long to actually be on holiday and as the destinations of The Natural Adventure Company are steadily increasing I have a lot of places I want to go. In the meantime I’ll keep an eye out for Nessie.

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