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The Natural Adventure Company | Self Guided Walking Holidays in Europe & Walking Tours in Europe

Self Guided Walking Holidays in Europe

Walking Holidays in Europe

Walking Holidays in Europe

We have carefully hand-picked for our walking holidays in Europe such locations that provide a range of exceptional natural diversity within a relatively compact geographical region.

When Peter Duncan took up a friend’s invitation to make his first visit to the Balkans, he was faced with an abundance of surprises. He happily admits: “Whilst I had visited many other regions of the world, this was a part of Europe, almost on my doorstep, which I knew so little about”.

Through the years we naturally expanded to the South and East – but still mainland Europe remains a special place for us.


Sierra de Guadarrama: The Mountains of Madrid and Segovia

Sierra de Guadarrama: The Mountains of Madrid and Segovia

Sierra de Guadarrama are an unexpected hiker’s paradise; it is a real surprise to most walkers to find such a beautiful alpine scenery so close to a big city like Madrid. This walking holiday in Spain will take you to high peaks offering amazing views, to historical and cultural sites like the Monastery of Escorial and the Royal Palace of La Granja, finishing in beautiful Segovia.

Ribeira Sacra: The Gorges and Vineyards of Galicia

Ribeira Sacra: The Gorges and Vineyards of Galicia

Ribeira Sacra is one of the hidden gems of Spain. The gorges of Sil and Miño provide dramatic scenery, with high cliffs comparable to the Norwegian fjords, but enjoying the privileged Spanish climate. Add to this the welcoming Galician people and their picturesque villages, the chestnut forests and the terraced vineyards, and you have a walking holiday that you will not forget.

Via Dinarica, Via Dinarica trail, Via Dinarica in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Via Dinarica in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Via Dinarica is a mega trail that extends from Albania to Slovenia and traverses the largest karst field on earth. During this walking holiday, you will circle the great Buško Lake, ascend into Blidinje Nature Park and reach the town of Jablanica over Čvrsnica Mountain. The trip ends in the city of Mostar, famous for its Old Bridge – a jewel of oriental architecture.

Vikos Gorge and the High Trails of Pindos, walking holiday in greece, hiking in Zagori

Vikos Gorge and the High Trails of Pindos

Walk through the impressive Vikos Gorge, the deepest canyon in the world. Reach the alpine zone up to the beautiful Dragon Lake and enjoy the spectacular views, then descend the famous cobbled path of Scala Vradetou, built in the 18th century. Retreat every evening in elegant hand-picked stone mansions in the traditional villages along the route.

West Coast and Mountains of Crete, samaria gorge, samaria gorge hiking, mountains of crete walking holiday

West Coast and Mountains of Crete

The West Coast and Mountains of Crete walking holiday includes a combination of hiking trails in the White Mountains that partially follow the E4 trail and will enable you to explore the most beautiful and versatile landscapes of the island of Crete. The summits of Ginglios (1,980 m) and Pachnes (2,453 m, optional) are highlights, while the gorges of Samaria and Aradena offer some of the most impressive walking routes in Europe.

Carinthian Alps and Lakes, carinthia walking, carinthia hiking, self guided walking holiday in carinthia

Carinthian Alps and Lakes

Explore the beauty of the Carinthian Alps on this walking holiday in Austria. Our Carinthian Alps and Lakes itinerary is based around the Alpe Adria Trail route and offers mellower walks in the valleys and around the lakes of the Carinthian Alps with stunning views of the mountains and enabling you to take in the traditional local villages and spa towns along the way.

Basque Pyrenees to San Sebastian

Basque Pyrenees to San Sebastian

Walk across hills, peaks, meadows and forests to reach two of the most beautiful places in Spain: Fuenterrabia and San Sebastian. The itinerary runs along the valleys close to the French border, partially following the GR-11 long-distance trail. You will walk on paths offering spectacular views, finishing with a magnificent coastal walk into San Sebastian, one of the most beautiful towns in Europe.

Spain Walking Holidays, walking holidays in spain, Pyrenees Coastal Trails: Cadaqués to Collioure

Pyrenees Coastal Trails: Cadaqués to Collioure

Bathed in warm Mediterranean sunshine, and with the peaks of the Pyrenees providing a dramatic backdrop, the Spanish and French Catalan coast invites exploration on foot. By walking from Cadaqués to Collioure along the coast, you will discover for yourself the lure and enchantment of this beautiful region.

High Pyrenees of Catalonia, catalan high pyrenees walking holiday

High Pyrenees of Catalonia

Our High Pyrenees of Catalonia walking holiday takes you into one of the loveliest parts of the Pyrenees, an area largely unknown to outsiders. The region is a hiker’s paradise, offering dramatic and unspoiled landscapes. Our route is designed to combine some superb mountain walking with welcoming accommodations, where you will discover the delicious Catalan cuisine and robust wines.

Slovakian Alps: High Tatras

Slovakian Alps: High Tatras

Our Slovakian Alps: High Tatras self guided walking holiday lets you explore Slovakia’s highest mountain range, which is also the first Slovak national park established in 1949. There are numerous valleys, glacial lakes called pleso, and mountain peaks, accommodation is in hand-picked 4 and 3-star hotels.

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