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comfort grades

Comfort grades

Our holidays offer different comfort grades, depending on the specifics of the area and type of the tour. Most of our holidays are of a comfortable or various category, but we also offer basic accommodation on our hut-to-hut treks, as well as luxury hotels on all our In Style itineraries and on many other tours. Whatever the comfort grade, rest assured that we always carefully hand-pick the accommodations and regularly monitor their quality.


These accommodations will meet your basic needs with no frills. They may include mountain huts (cabins) or simple B&Bs.  Sometimes located in a remote area, these accommodations may be shared with other travellers (including dormitory type rooms with bunker beds), and facilities might also be shared (i.e. no en-suite or private bathrooms). In spite of the lack of amenities, the ones we select provide clean accommodation and friendly service.


Our comfortable accommodations include handpicked B&B’s and guesthouses, as well as family-operated or bigger 2 or 3-star hotels with a unique atmosphere and friendly service. We make sure that our customers are greeted with traditional hospitality, clean and comfortable rooms, and locally sourced fresh food.


Usually, these are 4-star or excellent 3-star hotels, conveniently located in city centres within easy reach of sightseeing areas, local restaurants, and shops. They typically offer fantastic views and delicious local cuisine. Along route on many of our In Style itineraries, we include 4-star spa hotels. They offer sauna, steam rooms, and massage salons. Some have mineral water swimming pools, either indoors or outdoors.


These include a combination of the above grades. For example, if you arrive in Sofia on one of our moderate Bulgarian itineraries, your first night will be in a luxury city hotel, second night would be in a charming local guesthouse, third night will be in a family operated 3-star hotel, fourth night will be in a Spa hotel of 4-star quality and so on.