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Author: Catherine Mack

Balkan holidays

Bigging up our Balkan holidays

The word Balkan evokes an emotional response for many and, thankfully, emotions are now highly positive ones when it comes to adventure travel. And yet, people who are unfamiliar with […]

E-bike holidays

E-bike holidays that aim high

The e-bike has done so much more for cycling holidays than give them power. They have empowered adventurers to get back in the saddle and not feel overshadowed by expert […]

Tough walks

Our top tough walks

We categorise our tough walks as strenuous, walking between eight to ten hours a day, often in elevated and exposed regions. Those are the tangibles. The intangibles are elation and […]

Best coastal cycling tours

Our best coastal cycling tours 

Feel the salt on your skin and the breeze on your back. Dip in and out of bays or pootle along promenades. Our best coastal cycling tours are marine adventures […]

Our top French holidays by train

Our top French holidays by train

The French rail network is a gift to natural adventurers and, if you book in advance, you can get some great value tickets too. You are also cutting your carbon […]