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Reasons to go walking in Madeira

Author: Catherine Mack

Reasons to go walking in Madeira

Reasons to go walking in Madeira

This Portuguese archipelago is way out there in the Atlantic, just under 1,000km south of Portugal. The main islands are Madeira and Porto Santo, and the others are made up of two uninhabited groups, Desertas and Selvagens. Our Madeira walking holidays focus on the main island, also called Madeira. Although it is only 55km long, […]

Responsible gift ideas

Responsible gift ideas on your travels

Whether you are treating yourself to a memento from your adventure, or choosing a gift for a loved one back home, let us be your shopping guide in a few of our most popular walking and cycling holiday destinations. Shopping locally is one of the best ways to practise responsible tourism, and there are certain […]

Multi-country cycling holidays

Breaking boundaries with our guide to multi-country cycling holidays

Fancy making a break for the border? Experience true freedom of movement on a bike with our wide array of self-guided cycling holidays where you can stick a passport in your pannier and just start pedalling. Whether you want to push boundaries and cross the Alps, or just keep your frontiers flat in the Baltics […]

How to deal with midges in Scotland

How to deal with midges in Scotland

Sadly, they aren’t like the Loch Ness Monster – midges do exist in Scotland. They aren’t harmful, but they can be forceful. For those who are new to midges, they are small flying insects that thrive in the Scottish Highlands and other damp, marshy areas throughout the country. They are particularly prolific between May and […]

Best markets in France

Best markets in France

A walking or cycling holiday in France is never complete without a trip to a local market. They’re all just, well….so French. They also haven’t really changed in centuries, with slow food just part of the French way of life. As a result, it’s impossible to know where to start when creating a menu of […]

GR routes in France

Getting your head around GR routes in France

Did you know that the iconic red and white stripe markings that jump out at you on an Alpine boulder or a Corsican beech tree along France’s network of Grandes Randonnées (GR) long-distance trails are hand painted by volunteers called baliseurs? They are veritable trail blazers, with their pots of red and white paint and […]

Island walking holidays

Idyllic island walking holidays

There’s something about a journey from mainland to island that brings out a childlike excitement on our travels. So often they are isolated from the norm, secluded and serene with a backdrop of tight-knit communities and commitment to sustainability. Islanders have often been stewards of conservation and sustainability long before many of us were aware […]

cycling cafes

Our favourite cycling cafes

We have over 150 self-guided cycling holidays around the world, with tracks and trails through some colossal and historical landscapes. Whether you’re taking on a leisurely journey through Alicante or Andalucia, a Portuguese pilgrimage along the Camino, or an epic cycle between Amsterdam and Paris, you are most likely going to want a coffee or […]

travel photography tips

Responsible travel photography tips

“A dominant impulse on encountering beauty is the desire to hold on to it: to possess it and give it weight in our lives. There is an urge to say, ‘I was here, I saw this and it matters to me…taking photographs can assuage the itch for possession.” – Alain de Botton, The Art of […]

Camino de Santiago routes

Which of the Camino de Santiago routes is calling you?

The Camino is many things. It’s challenging and exciting, spiritual and peaceful. It’s also quite complex, consisting of many different routes that all converge on the holy city of Santiago de Compostela. Why Santiago? Because its Archcathedral Basilica is believed to be the shrine of Saint James, an apostle of Jesus. This is why the […]

Tips on walking responsibly

Tips on walking responsibly

If you find yourself looking for a walking holiday, you are most likely already committed to responsible rambling. Most of you will have also discovered the healing powers of putting one foot in front of the other, and agree with Shane O’Mara, author of the excellent book, In Praise of Walking, that science has proved […]