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Best time to go to the Amalfi Coast

Author: The Natural Adventure

Best time to go to the Amalfi Coast

Best time to go to the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast is a peninsula packed with culture and nature, with generous sprinklings of chic. Behind all the glitz and glam lie hiking trails and a more down to earth Italy, ancient woods, family farms, vineyards and lemon groves. After losing your breath at the sheer beauty of the clifftop wonders of Amalfi, Ravello, […]

GPX files

Getting your head around GPS and GPX files

We are all for keeping things analogue when it comes to maps and directions, especially on a holiday where you might be seeking to have a digital detox. However, technology is here to help if you want, and it’s very user-friendly and accessible too. The technology in question is in the form of GPS and […]

Top places to travel in November

Top places to travel in November 2024

November’s that month when, for many of us, things start to feel a little darker, hibernation feelings loom overhead and we switch down a gear. Taking a holiday in November is a way to buck the trend, pull open the curtains onto a world of adventures and keep winter woollies at bay for a while […]

Peter Duncan chills on the Cilento Coast Uncategorized The Natural Adventure

Peter Duncan chills on the Cilento Coast

Our co-founder and one of life’s adventurers, Peter Duncan, shares tips, tales and trails from his walking holiday along the Cilento Coast in Italy. From the temples at Paestum to secret coves on the Tyrrhenian Sea, he was delighted to explore somewhere new. And somewhere wonderfully quiet too.  What made you choose the Cilento Coast […]

Places to travel in October

Top seven places to travel in October 2024

If you live in the northern hemisphere, taking a holiday in October is like adding seltzer to the season. It injects bubbles into back-to-work banality and sparkles things up a bit on the road to winter. In southern Europe, you have the hills and trails to yourself, and yet the temperatures are still soothing. It’s […]

places to travel in September

Top six places to travel in September 2024

Few of us can ever shift that September back-to-school feeling. For some, it’s a good month of new beginnings and new learnings. For others, not so much, representing a time of strict new regimes, focus rather than freedom and the start of a long, slippery slope to winter. If you fall into the latter group, […]

Best time to walk the Camino de Santiago

Best time to walk the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is not just one path. It comes in all shapes and sizes, some starting in France, others in Spain, Portugal or even Switzerland. Their final destination is the holy city of Santiago de Compostela, in particular the Archcathedral Basilica, which for followers of Christianity, is believed to be the shrine of […]

Everest Base Camp in January

Where on Earth?

For Earth Day this year, we are sharing some of our favourite places on Earth. Some pockets of paradise where sustainable tourism can be transformational for local communities. This year’s theme for Earth Day is ‘Invest in our Planet’ and so, by offering you low-impact holidays that have a positively high impact on small, local […]

places to travel in August

Top seven places to travel in August 2024

August can be a complex time to travel and yet, for many, it is the only time available. Between the heat, hordes and hassle it can be offputting, and so we are going to take you off the beaten path a little for August, with glacial lakes to plunge into, dense forests to take shade in […]

places to travel in July

Top six places to travel in July 2024

July is a time to seek out walking and cycling trails that take you away from peak season fever into calmer, cooler terrain. You could swap the Amalfi Coast for Austria, or Barcelona’s beaches for Pyrenean coastal trails. As Prague packs out head for Poland, and while much of India is in monsoon season, it’s […]

Places to travel in June

Top seven places to travel in June 2024

June is a joy. She greets you with lavender in Provence and sunflowers in Bourgogne. She brings butterflies to Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains, Italy’s Dolomites and Switzerland’s High Valais, all some of Europe’s largest butterfly habitats. June graces us with long-lasting rays of light on the summer solstice making Norway, Sweden and Denmark some of our […]

Camino de Santiago packing list 

Camino de Santiago packing list 

The Camino de Santiago, a dream pilgrimage for many, should never become a packing nightmare. So, first and foremost, it’s worth noting that we transfer your bags for you from one Camino cama to the next, so that’s one weight off your shoulders. So, all you really need to think about is getting your body […]