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Festivals of the World

Festivals of the World

You can often tell how vibrant a country is by the festivals that take place within its borders. Glastonbury and the Edinburgh Festival are the UK’s most famous…

Walking in Georgia: Tbilisi and beyond

Walking the Rota Vicentina

I’m just back from my walking holiday down the Rota Vicentina and the Fishermen’s Trail along the West coast of Portugal. It follows some of the best preserved coastline in Europe through a beautiful national park.

Skiing in Bulgaria, Walking in Portugal and Georgia and more...

Skiing in Bulgaria, Walking in Portugal…

It was great to be back in Bulgaria again as it has been a few years since my last visit. I’m planning two trips with The Natural Adventure Company this year, the first to Portugal to look at some new walks along the Rota Vicentina and perhaps even do some cycling. Later in the year I plan a walking holiday in Georgia…

Calculate Your Trip's Carbon Footprint

Launching our Smartphone Navigation App

Until recently, we offered to our customers to optionally rent handheld GPS devices with the tracks for their daily walks preloaded. While this was a nice add-on to the route notes and paper topo maps we provide, there were many drawbacks. Having teamed up with industry leaders, starting in 2018 we are launching our free smartphone navigation app (available for Android and iOS devices), which will gradually eliminate the need of bringing a separate GPS device on our itineraries.