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Ukraine tours

Ukraine tours

We have spent years walking alongside the people of Ukraine on our walking tours there, supported by them as they welcome us into their spectacular Carpathian Mountains, fed by them in their rural villages as we enjoyed our adventures, and hosted by them in a fine array of guesthouses and homes. 

We continue to walk alongside our friends and colleagues in Ukraine from afar, as well as all Ukrainians who are living through terrifying times during Russia’s invasion of their country. 

One of the highlights of our Carpathian hiking tours is a trek to the top of Mount Hoverla, the country’s highest peak, from where you get the most fantastic view of just how magnificent Ukraine is. We keep this view in mind throughout these horrific times at The Natural Adventure, and vow to never stop keeping an eye on Ukraine, never remove it from our radar, and to keep supporting them on the path to peace. 

We also continue to offer a way for our customers to support them by buying a virtual tour of their beloved Carpathians, or else by donating directly to our chosen charity there, the Uniters Foundation.