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Polish High Tatras, Dunajec Gorge

Poland walking holidays

Our self-guided walking holidays in Poland include the popular hiking area of the Carpathian Mountains between Krakow and Slovakia (the High Tatras), as well as the lesser known Bieszczady Mountains (Eastern Carpathians).

Where do our walking holidays in Poland take place?

Our Poland walking holidays include the High Tatras (part of the Carpathian Range), the highlands near Krakow, and the lesser visited but beautiful Bieszczady Mountains (Eastern Carpathians).

High Tatras and Krakow Highlands

Poland and its southern neighbour Slovakia are separated by the mighty Carpathian Mountains, of which the highest part are the Tatras. At their foot lie several historical regions, among them the colourful Podhale and Spisz. Located south of Krakow the region is inhabited by Gorale – highlanders, an ethnic group of independent culture and dialect.

Eastern Carpathians – Bieszczady Mountains

Bieszczady Mountains remain one of eastern Europe’s last hidden gems with a remarkable history and unspoilt nature. This wild range has been heavily depopulated after the Second World War when Polish communist government decided to expel the entire Ukrainian speaking population. There you can spot wild animals like lynx or European bison.