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Pakistan tours  The Natural Adventure

Pakistan tours


Pakistan is for mountain lovers. But not necessarily mountaineers because, although you can trek to K2 basecamp, the second highest mountain in the world, its Karakoram Mountain range also has some of the easiest yet uniquely exquisite walking trails in the world. So, even though K2 Basecamp is sometimes known as the Throne Room of The Mountain Gods, the surrounding valleys and peaks that envelop them are equally regal in their natural realm. The Nangma Valley Trek, for example, is a land of giant rock walls and towers overlooked by peaks over 4,000m, where you can sleep in their shadow under the stars. And in the Hunza Valley, you almost bow down and kiss the feet of the majestic Mount Rakaposhi (7,788m) on another easy, less elevated yet epic adventure. On our fully guided Pakistan tours, we bring you not only to the Throne Room of the Gods but right into their hearts and homes. 

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