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Georgia tours

Georgia tours


Our travellers rate our Georgia holidays as 5/5 based on 8 reviews.

Georgia is gorgeous, pure and simple. It has two beautiful natural borders of the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, a wealth of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the most remote and ravishing long-distance trails. Our Georgia tours take on some of these mountain trails, with self-guided walking holidays in, for example, the high passes of the Tusheti region, part of the Transcaucasian Trail, or the culturally-rich Svaneti region, surrounded by peaks of over 3000m. Walk through high mountain, flower-filled meadows, be welcomed in ancient Svanetian villages, seek solace at an array of rural Orthodox churches, and be taken into the heart of the country’s culture in rural inns with traditional food and, also gorgeous, Georgian wine. 

With all our Georgia tours starting in the ancient and architecturally fascinating capital of Tbilisi, enjoy a double whammy of walking wonders on our guided tour of both Georgia and neighbouring Armenia – a colossal Caucasian adventure. 

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