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Camino Portugues 1

Camino Portugues

The Camino Portugues or Portuguese Way’s pilgrims have carved out two separate caminos en route to Santiago over the years, one inland (or Central Way) and the other clinging to the coast, or Coastal Way. The former covers approximately 280km and takes 15 days; the latter covers 230km and 14 days to complete. All of our Camino Portugues holidays are open between March and October, and you can opt to walk the final 100km section between Tui and Santiago (so just walking in Spain, not Portugal). You can walk this beautiful last section in either eight or 11 days, depending on how you want to pace yourself. By completing this 116km section, you are entitled to get your Compostela Certificate. You can also cycle the Camino Portugues, again following the Coastal Way or the Central Way, and there is an option to hire e-bikes for these holidays. For more details, see our blogs on the Camino de Santiago routes and The best time to hike the Camino de Santiago.