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Argentina tours

Argentina tours


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Our Argentina tours swap tango for trekking and beef for brawn as you tackle one of the world’s greatest treks, to the summit of Aconcagua which, at 6,960m is actually the highest trekking peak in the world, as you don’t need technical climbing skills. Trek for 18 days with a small group, guided by a team of mountain experts on a seriously strenuous but extraordinary journey, for highly experienced high mountain trekkers. 
Located in the Principal Cordillera of the Andes, close to the border with Chile, this trek is on what is called the Normal Route, although there is nothing banal about this beauty. In fact, our Aconcagua Trek isn’t so normal, in that it takes longer than the given 12 days, as there are plenty of acclimatisation and contingency days built into the carefully crafted itinerary, where the focus is on safety, spectacular views such as from Plaza Francia (4,000m), Nido de Condores (5,560m) and of course, if all things go to plan, the great summit itself. 

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