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The Natural Adventure Company

Self Guided Walking Holidays and Cycling Holidays


Wouldn’t it be great, if somebody showed you the way, arranged comfortable accommodation, took care of your bags for you, and provided 24/7 local support, leaving you the freedom to explore on your own… but with all the legwork done for you, all in the most cost-effective way possible.

We are The Natural Adventure Company because we are dedicated to offering unforgettable self guided walking holidays that place our hikers at the heart of a diverse selection of outstanding natural environments, and in providing them with the opportunities to soak up the culture and history of whichever destination they choose.

The company was founded in 2009. When Peter Duncan took up a friend’s invitation to make his first visit to Southeast Europe he was faced with an abundance of surprises. He happily admits, “Whilst I had visited many other regions of the world, this was a part of Europe, almost on my doorstep, which I knew so little about”. Starting with walking holidays in Bulgaria, gradually adding more countries in the Balkan region, now we are among the leading experts for self guided walking holidays in Europe.

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