How we work

Types of Self-guided Walking Holidays

Our self guided hiking holidays are normally based on the following types:

Hotel to hotel. 
Exactly as it sounds. We provide all the necessary documentation, route information and maps to enable you to hike between villages, from hotel to hotel and arrange for baggage transfers between hotels while you walk. Should longer distances be involved we will arrange your transport by private transfer. Our hotel to hotel self-guided walking holidays are the perfect way to immerse yourself in the nature, culture and history of this ancient region.

Centre based. 
These holidays adopt a round-trip format. This enables you to enjoy a variety of daily hikes, centred around your base hotel or hotels. As you are walking from and back to the same hotel no baggage transfers are required.

Cabin to cabin.
On specific holidays usually moderate to strenuous (e.g. Mount Olympus in Greece) on certain nights the only accommodation options are mountain huts (refuges), which provide clean accommodation with basic amenities and in many cases shared facilities. As there are no roads between these refuges and therefore are no baggage transfers available, it is therefore necessary to bring a backpack along so you can carry your belongings with you for these overnights yourselves. Please note it is also possible to bring a normal case for the holiday and pack a smaller backpack inside it and then leave the case at your base hotel and take only those belongings in your backpack required for the overnights in the mountain huts.

Enquiries and Bookings


If you would like to enquire about a specific holiday please click on the Enquire button on the specific holiday page.


  1. Once you have chosen your holiday, please book using the online button on the specific holiday page. Follow the instructions and complete the online booking form.
  2. We will confirm availability for your chosen start dates as quick as possible.
  3. Deposits – In order to book your accommodation we will request a 20% deposit (as well as flight costs if flights are booked with us).
  4. Balance payments –  The balance payment is due 28 days before departure. For more detailed information on how to book please see the following link:

What you will receive from 

Once your final balance payment is made (21 days prior to your departure date) we will send you a detailed information pack, specifically designed for each trip.

Holiday Information Pack

The detailed information pack which you will receive 21 days prior to your departure includes:

  • General Holiday information: Information on meals, connecting travel, country background, useful local information, and detailed list of items you will need during your trip.
  • Daily accommodation schedule: Transfer times and additional time-sensitive information.
  • Detailed Walking route notes: The route notes include Google Earth maps and easy to use photo-based daily walking route guides.
  • Important Safety information

When you arrive

A member of the Natural Adventure Team will meet you (normally at the hotel on Day 1 of your itinerary or before your first walk for an introductory meeting.  Our representative will provide you with a hard copy of the holiday information pack (as well as hand over GPS devices if you have chosen a GPS package for your holiday).

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